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Mud & Gee Test Tube Soak Grapefruit & Lime


Brand Mud and Gee

We love this idea at Eshe! This nifty little glass test tube is filled with 'Me Time', which let's be honest we could all do with! With five different bath soaks to try, enjoy this organic relaxing bath treatment. 

These bath salts are made with three salt varieties which are infused with the delicate scent of pink grapefruit & lime to soften the skin, soothe aching muscles, and ease the mind.

Fill tub with warm water, add the salts, stir to dissolve and BLISS.. These are a lovely gift idea for that friend or loved one who needs a little pick me up!

  • 100% natural and botanically driven
  • 100% Australian made and owned
  • Five different bath salts to try, find your favourite
  • Ingredients: Dead sea salt, magnesium flakes (epsom salt), pink himalayan salt, grapefruit and lime essential oil.

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