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Pollen Ring


Brand Bowerbird

"Our Pollen Ring was created to acknowledge the intricate role each and every part of the natural world and how they interlace and connect to each other. This ring features natural inspired motifs including a delicate band of pollen (possibly collected by nature's superhero!), an eucalyptus blossom from my garden and a Blue-banded bee wing."

"Wear this piece to stay connected to our natural world - may it be a daily reminder of it's beauty, strength and intelligence." Designer - Renee Evans

This ring creates a delicate impact of nature inspired motifs!

  • Sterling Silver (925)
  • 3 Micron heavy plating of Rhodium or 14ct Yellow/Rose Gold
  • Ring height: 14.5mm
  • Weight: 6.7g
  • Packaged in a Bowerbird gift box

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