Palas Healing Gem Bracelet Lapis Lazuli


Gemstones can have healing properties to benefit you spiritually and physically. These fine gemstone bracelets have a 'healing hands lotus' charm attached and can be given on the card as a gift of love and worn on their own. They can also be worn stacked together depending on what gemstones resonate with you. Click here to view our other Palas Healing Gem bracelets for some bracelet stacking inspiration!

They are a true gift of meaning and purpose for anyone in your family or friendship group no matter what they are experiencing in life to give protection, healing, balance, strength, love prosperity, creativity, energy and luck.

LAPIS LAZULI HEALING: Lapis lazuli is beneficial for the immune system, throat, thyroid and bone marrow. It helps with insomnia, vertigo, dizziness, skeletal aches, depression and aids detoxification.