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Miss Francesca Fox


Brand Nana Huchy

The perfect baby gift, 'Miss Francesca Fox' is one soft toy with vintage style that your little one will never forget - a forever friend!

We love the inspiration behind this foxy lady: "Rebellious Francesca (‘Frankie’) refused from a young age to sleep during the day, preferring instead to have her adventures during daylight hours. She enjoys being seen, and always dresses impeccably just in case she is. When the rest of her family went out exploring at dusk, young Frankie would instead settle down for a kip in the den. It wasn’t until she met fellow renegade Fletcher that Frankie realised she wasn’t alone. Lucky the feeling was mutual- Fletcher still can’t believe what a foxy lady he found."

Love Miss Francesa and her sass and lively nature? Check out her strapping companion Master Fletcher Fox (pictured). They make an unstoppable pair!

  • Dimensions: 33cm
  • Wrapped with care in our bespoke tissue paper

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