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Honeycomb Chain Earrings


Brand Bowerbird

''I created this piece to acknowledge the incredible work of nature’s superhero the bee. This tiny super hero, creates a ‘honeycomb of caves’ which is then used to store honey and pollen (the most precious of possessions to a bee!) I appreciate the time spent by hives of bees, creating this decorative pattern of hexagonal cells so methodically.'' -Designer Renee Evans

These delicate earrings represent the intelligence of nature, and the diligence and energy of the humble bee and its selfless devotion to its hive, something we can all aspire to.

  • Sterling Silver (925)
  • 3 Micron heavy plating of Rhodium, 14ct Yellow/Rose Gold
  • Earring size: 6mm x 12mm
  • Chain length: 22mm
  • Weight: 2g (pair)
  • Packaged in a Bowerbird gift box

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