Loco Love Coconut and Cashew Chocolate Single


The first ever flavour, the oldest child of the family, the classic Coconut Bounty. This was the flavour that captured our hearts and made us reach out to the amazing Loco Love to supply us! Boasting a slightly salted and chewy texture and a whole lotta love. If you adore Bounty's though don't like the thought of all the sugar, then this solves that predicament for you. Take a bite and feel the magic.

Rest easy, as we have come up with the perfect gesture gift for the person who appreciates artisan the handmade things in life. We just love these beautifully crafted chocolate treats and isn't the packaging drool worthy! They are simply Artisan Chocolate Magic!

  • 100% Australian made and owned
  • Loco Love
  • 1 Chocolate